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Ketamine Infusion Therapy

At Southern Ketamine Clinics we do everything to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Whether seeking treatment for PTSD, mood disorders, or remedies for chronic pain or pain relief, we can help. We are highly trained and experienced in administering low dose Ketamine in a safe, relaxing, and comfortable environment.

The following is not an all-inclusive list of treatable conditions! Call or email for more information on this innovative new therapy!

Feelings of depression are as old as mankind. Whenever we experience a loss, we can feel alone, joyless, and hopeless. Despite depression’s powerful effect, it is a disease with a clear scientific pathology, and it will respond to specific kinds of treatment. The good news is our staff located in Asheville NC and Franklin NC can help. We are highly trained and effective at treating depression with low-dose ketamine therapy.

Posttraumatic stress disorder is a disorder that may occur when someone has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. These events vary from natural disasters to personal injury to sexual assault. Ketamine therapy has proven to provide long-lasting relief to those who have suffered from PTSD. We provide quality ketamine infusion therapy in Asheville NC and Franklin NC to patients dealing with PTSD.

Anxiety is a common emotion that most people feel at one time or another. For some people, anxiety can make even the most minor decisions in life seem difficult. It can interfere with daily activities and lead to worry. Thankfully, our patients at Southern Ketamine Clinics have enjoyed excellent results from ketamine therapy. Our clinic proudly cares for those dealing with Anxiety in Asheville NC and Franklin NC.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder affecting two to three percent of the population.  Usually beginning in late childhood or early adolescence people with OCD experience recurrent and persistent thoughts, or impulses that are disruptive and unwanted. Fortunately, ketamine is a great solution for those affected by this disorder. We have a clinic in Asheville NC and Franklin NC with experienced staff who can help you get some relief.

Commonly called manic-depressive disorder or manic depression is a mental disorder causing shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, concentration, and the ability to carry out usual tasks of the day. There are three different types of Bipolar disorder and ketamine can provide relief for each of them. Those seeking treatment can receive ketamine therapy at our Asheville NC or Franklin NC locations once they are referred by an attending physician or doctor.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain lasts for at least 12 weeks. You may feel a sharp pain. aches, or what feels like a burning sensation at the affected area. Chronic pain affects millions of people all over the world and negatively impacts quality of life in many ways. Studies have revealed that ketamine therapy can be a wonderful option for chronic pain relief. Many of our patients receive the relief they deserve from ketamine therapy at our Asheville NC and Franklin NC location.

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The Ketamine Experience

Many new patients are curious about how Ketamine works and what to experience during treatment. Most are pleased to discover the treatment is painless and many will begin to enjoy the benefits within hours to days after their second or third infusion. At Southern Ketamine Clinics, we do everything to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Southern Ketamine Clinics Procedure

We can administer your treatment in one of our two locations in Western North Carolina. Our two clinics are located in Asheville, NC, and Franklin, NC. We do not want you to eat or drink at least 4 hours before your treatment to minimize the chance of nausea. 

The procedure begins with you relaxing in a comfortable motorized recliner in a private room where we will begin monitoring your blood pressure, EKG, and oxygen saturation. We will take a short history and answer any remaining questions you may have. We will then locate a vein in your hand, wrist or arm and insert a small IV catheter under the skin surface and connect your infusion fluid. 

Ketamine Therapy Tailored to Your Needs

Most patient’s are surprised at how painless this procedure is even those concerned about needles. All that is left in your arm is a small soft tube so it doesn’t hurt to move. Then we will connect your tubing to an infusion pump, which will deliver your tailored dose over a set time. We are able to program the machine to precisely deliver your medication enabling us to make quick adjustments in delivery if needed. This result is superior personalization and continuity of care.

We begin the infusion at a target dose and rate lasting approximately 1 hour. You will stay seated the entire time. Once the infusion is completed and you are stable, we will remove the small tube from your arm and apply a band-aid.

What to Expect From a Ketamine Infusion

Many patients take this opportunity to “tune out” and may listen to relaxing music that we can provide. Patients usually close their eyes and relax. We have soft eye mask as well as ear plugs if desired. Ketamine reaches the brain within seconds and some people report a sense of disassociation where they describe feeling disconnected from their body.

This has been described as a side effect but we think this is very healing. It allows one to meditate and send positive thoughts and energy into what they are wanting to accomplish with this therapy. Begins building new brain pathways in thought. So, this is not usually unpleasant but can be startling to some if unaware this may occur. If you tend to be someone who suffers from anxiety you may feel a heightened sense of anxiety, BUT KNOW, this treatment is safe and you are in expert hands in a fully equipped medical facility. We are highly trained to handle a wide variety of situations if needed, additional medications can be administered to aid in relaxation.  

We Monitor Our Patients to Ensure Comfort

You will be constantly monitored during your treatment ensuring your comfort and effect during treatment assessing how your are responding. In rare cases a feeling of nausea can occur, particularly in those that experience motion sickness. This is always managed with and antiemetic (anti nausea medication) before, during and if needed, after your infusion. 

You will feel relatively normal shortly after your treatment is complete, usually in 20-30 minutes. Fatigue, which is most common, may linger after your infusion but usually goes away after a meal and/or a full nights rest. We require that an adult drive you home after your infusion. You will need to be “lazy” the rest of the day after your infusion but can resume your normal activities the next day.  

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