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Are you experiencing any of these?

  • Difficulty in making your way through a normal day or routine tasks
  • Things that used to bring you joy now seem empty and pointless
  • Paralyzing guilt and numbness
  • Thoughts that feel like quicksand you can’t climb out of
  • Feeling like the world has lost its color
  • No motivation to complete even a simple task
  • The feeling that everything is going to end badly

Depression is Not a Weakness

It is important to understand: Depression isn’t a weakness. It is a matter of brain chemistry. 


 Maybe things in life are going pretty well, but there’s still this sense of dread, a disinterest in things, or an overall gloomy feeling that makes life seem not worth living. However, your depression originates, when it lasts for weeks or months it is time to seek help. Untreated depression can lead to physical problems with sleep, appetite, energy, and concentration which add to the trouble. The whole body, mind, and spirit start to feel defeated. 

Depression Asheville NC

Ketamine for Depression & Suicide

There may come a day when a simple thought of suicide appears. Hopefully, you push that thought out of your mind. But it returns…and multiplies. You might even start thinking of ways you could end your life, whether it would be painful or not, what methods might be effective—or not. What then? Maybe you care for others and that complicates everything. Or maybe you feel you’ve become a burden to others, like there’s just no reason to keep going. These are lies, and they are dangerous. Your life hangs in the balance of what you decide to do with these lies.

Ketemine is Ideal for Treatment Resistant Depression

The more traditional drugs for treating depression may necessitate a period of weeks up to months to determine effectiveness. When people have experienced stress and depression for a long time, the connection between neurons begins to be lost. Ketamine helps the process of regeneration of neurons more quickly, which leads to normal brain functioning.  That alone makes Ketamine one of the best drugs for those dealing with Treatment Resistant Depression.  In general, the diagnosis of Treatment Resistant Depression is someone that has tried at least two different types of antidepressant medication without any improvement. Approximately 4 million American adults have Treatment Resistant Depression.  For them Ketamine may be the only medication that can provide relief.

Start Living Again

Ketamine is a therapy that works when others have failed, which can give patients renewed hope and the motivation to get better. It is highly effective for the person who may be caught up in a storm of depression and suicidal thoughts, allowing a reprieve for a few weeks, a month, or maybe longer. During this time, the patient can use other adjunctive therapies, counseling, and perhaps return to work or school.  It is the chance to get started in the right direction toward healing. To talk to friends and family again, go to the gym, enjoy hobbies like before. Simply stated: Start Living Again. 

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1212 Hendersonville Rd | Asheville | NC 28803

Southern Ketamine Clinics
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